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Alex and Edy

Project Liaison:  Rich Carman, Mosaic, USA

The original project in Romania began in June 2002 with three indigenous partners
  • Motivation Romania - the lead partner for the establishment of residential alternatives for children moving from state-run institutions into community-based group homes, foster care and a day center
  • Trebuie - a preventative services program that would provide in-home supports, training and respite care
  • Aurora - day center for teenagers who have disabilities
After two years, the project continued with one partner, Motivation Romania.  Through the life of the project which ended June 2006, more than 100 children are currently receiving services and supports, 65 families are receiving in-home or respite services, and vocational services are in place for the children as they get older and want to work.


  • 36 children moved from institutions to family-like settings in group homes or foster care
  • preventative service caseload during the project served 28 families, on average
  • out-of-home respite care is provided for 24 families
  • the day center at Aurora served 28-30 teenagers per year, on average
  • approximately 25 training days were provided to staff at the state-run institutions/placement centers
  • two staff exchanges were held between Motivation Romania and Mosaic, one of the U.S. IMPACT members
  • 14 professional consultations and training were conducted by IMPACT members
  • Motivation Romania is now consulting with other non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to replicate the group home program in another country
  • the government of Romania is now funding a percentage of the services
  • a bill was passed at the national level that enabled the government of Romania to contract directly with NGOs to provide services


  • Through the IMPACT project, Motivation Romania has risen to be one of the leaders in the field of disabilities in Romania
  • Sustainability for Aurora and Trebuie did not come about as planned, but the programs continued and are now funded entirely by the government of Romania
  • IMPACT's financial support was leveraged by numerous grants
  • IMPACT received experience in coordinating the efforts of multiple partners and funding sources

The work continues ...

Although the official IMPACT project has ended, Mosaic has continued its support of the work through fundraising and training.  Two recent college graduates are spending six months in Romania as volunteers.  You can learn more about their experience by visiting Mosaic's website.  

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