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Rich Carman, IMPACT liaison to Romania and Tanzania, has started a new blog and would like to invite you to join!  Here's a message from Rich ...

As many of you know, as of October 1, I entered a new phase of my career. My wife Barb and I are working together and living in Romania during the fall and will be in Tanzania for the winter and spring.

One way we plan to stay in touch while in Romania and Tanzania is through a blog. I know that sounds very 21st century for the two of us, but we are happy to announce that the blog is now live and you can read it on our International Blog. You can also subscribe to the blog when you visit the site to receive updates.

Please make comments, ask questions, and pass it on to friends -- not just those you think might know us, but also to your friends, families and colleagues. We hope the blog will help raise awareness about individuals with disabilities and their families around the world, and also widen the circle of those committed to helping provide these much-needed supports.

Thank you in advance for your support,


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