promoting inclusive societies


Our philosophy ...

People with disabilities are entitled to community-based services that are individualized, competence-oriented and encourage equalized participation in society.

IMPACT supports indigenous organizations to provide services that respect the rights and meet the needs of people with disabilities within their communities. 

Cooperation on all levels is essential in providing quality and sustainable services.  Together with in-country partners and local governmental agencies, IMPACT works to create an advocacy network that positively affects social public policy. 

By providing comprehensive, time-limited support, IMPACT works to ensure the independence, stability and long-term sustainability of local service providers.  


Each IMPACT member organization appoints a representative to the Council.  The Council adopts the strategic plan, approves the annual budget, approves new projects, establishes policies and works with their respective Boards of Directors to endorse IMPACT's work. 

Management Committee

As with the Council, each member organization also appoints a member to the IMPACT Management Committee.  This committee drafts the strategic plan, researches and makes recommendations for consultation or service development, prepares the annual budget, drafts operational policies and procedures, provides necessary support to the IMPACT Council as well as serve as the liaison to an IMPACT project.  

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